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Occasionally taking the belt off….

After our last activity with the pop-up bar, we got ready for the planting days with artists’ market at Boom Municipal Park on July 6. But on the way to Boom, our car broke down, resulting in no pop-up! You may have looked behind every tree 😉 to taste and enjoy our mega delicious liquid anyway…. unfortunately and for this also our sincere apologies, but force majeure is out of our control!

We are currently “full steam ahead” with our experience space, but you will hear more about that in the coming weeks! Be sure to keep an eye on us.

The new flowers are in full bloom preparing to bring you an otherworldly taste….

In addition, the lavender fields are going full steam ahead and the “Lavender your Life” products are being given an extra spotlight!

But mostly this weekend we took the leash off, allez off! We hosted a fun and delicious birthday party for our son Jasper. Enjoyment at the top as everyone should!

Enjoy the coming “warm” days and see you soon!

Bart & Kirsten