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Herbs & flowers & fruit & gin

Here beGINs the adventure….

Garden Gin Co.’s products are the result of diligent labor, mostly handwork and not band work like the average gins. The edible flowers are grown and picked in Bart’s garden in Meerdonk. The gins and liqueurs are made and bottled in limited editions. Our beautiful, artistic labels are manually glued to the bottles one by one, a job for patient people.

About us and our company

If you’re looking for passion, you’re sure to find it at the Garden Gin Company. The passion for nature drips off Bart & Kirsten like that.

As Bart says,“Whether it’s sowing, harvesting, firing, finishing or other activities in the making of our products, we collaborate at every stage of the production process as needed.”

Garden Gin:
A fantastic product of diligent local labor